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Olbermann is gone

It looks like Keith Olbermann is gone from MSNBC.  Without much warning, he abruptly announced that tonight’s show would be the final one.

NBC spokes persons were quick to deny that the recent merger with Comcast have anything to do with this development, but a lot of outside analysts are having a hard time with that story.  Why even go out of their way to make such a claim?  Well obviously, because Comcast has a lot of financial interest in promoting certain types of editorials over others.

The new normal

  • 10% unemployment.
  • Dead civilians at a political rally.
  • Bombs on Martin Luther King Day parade routes.

Don’t let anyone tell you the recovery is here.  If we start believing that, we’ll have accepted what we have as the new normal.  There are certainly those among us who are doing just fine with the way things are, but as a society we have to commit to the belief that things could and should be better.