Healthcare debate on TV

Since TV is what Americans actually spend time on, Obama has decided to bring the debate to the people.

On February 25th, you might get a chance to watch the circus in high-def.  But we wouldn’t call this definite just yet, because Republican leaders are claiming that they haven’t heard anything “official” yet.  While Obama is speaking of the event as a certainty, there’s no sign that anyone else is quite as sure about whether or not it will actually happen.
There are quite a few reasons, in fact, why neither Republicans nor Democrats would want to be seen publicly defending their ridiculous positions.  For the Republicans, there basically is no argument other than to stop Democrats and therefor preserve the status quo.  While this rallies those who particularly fear or hate the Democrat’s plan, it doesn’t win over that vast majority that is unhappy with the current healthcare situation.

For Democrats, they’re going to be forced to answer why their solutions all involve caving in to the various lobbying interests that have conspired to advance their own self interest at the cost of the broader public.

Then again, who will really call the other out on their sins and who has the credibility to make such an accusation stick in the minds of voters?

If there’s a debate, we’ll be lucky to hear anything truly substantial beyond a few career public speakers trying to score points with witty remarks and snappy comebacks.

Huge Budget Feeds War Machine

The President has unveiled his proposal for next year’s federal budget, and the results point to a further escalation in military actions and spending.  Despite campaign promises to reign in the military machine, the numbers presented will be a significant boost over last year’s already inflated numbers.

Now, Obama didn’t exactly run as a dove, but he was branding himself as the “least hawkish” of the hawks we could have otherwise chosen from.

Will America reward Obama for expanding our military actions and spending a billion on airport scanner machines that don’t actually detect the bombs they’re supposed to be protecting us from?

Bin Laden’s stated goal was to bankrupt the United States in an unwinnable war on Islamic soil.  So far, we seem to be playing right in to his plans.

Bernanke Running out of Support

A lot of people (rightfully) blame the Federal Reserve and its member banks for causing and exacerbating the still unfolding financial crisis, and as a symbol of the Fed Bernanke has come under increasing fire from the grass roots, then media, and now from members of Congress themselves.

In a stunning revelation, it has been announced that Bernanke may not have the number of votes required to confirm his re-nomination by Obama.

Many liberals had blasted Obama for his decision to appoint Bernanke for a second term, and his party members in Congress are taking heed of this lesson in the wake of the unexpected Massachusetts Senate race.

The question then – if not Bernanke, who?

Obama Declared Peace Guru

The message to the world is clear:  you too can be a champion of peace despite leading many wars on many fronts.  You don’t actually have to end any hostilities you’ve inherited, you just have to avoid creating any new ones!

The selection of Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize is probably just one of a few things:

  • China doesn’t want Hu Jia and Wei Jingsheng to get extra press
  • The committee is trying to shame Obama from starting the next war in Iran
  • A vast right-wing conspiracy to make Obama’s war leadership look pacifist
  • A vast left-wing conspiracy to make Obama’s war leadership look pacifist

Just remember the most important lesson here:  War is Peace.