The Chilling Arrest at G20

Its increasingly clear that the rich and powerful of the world don’t like to tolerate dissent when they don’t have to.

And who needs to tolerate dissenting opinions when you’ve got armies, unmarked cars, and the ability to snap people up off the street in broad daylight?

If the protestors used these types of tactics, we’d just crush down on them harder, in the name of fighting “domestic terrorism.”

The official report is that the suspect arrested here is charged with vandalism. The video doesn’t tell both sides of the story.

What it does tell us, is that strong-men in military fatigues can grab someone and shove them in a car, and at best we can hope that they actually work for “the government.”

Pittsburgh Hosts G20, Police

While no protests were “legally” allowed, and despite police activity designed to intimidate potential demonstrations, some discontents found their way to protest the G20 meeting hosted in downtown Pittsburgh.

CNN got some good video of the police using chemical weapons on anyone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

G20 in Pittsburg – Ready for new Police Brutality Videos?

Too bad – because they’ve denied all the protest permit applications and they’ve been running around town pre-emptively harassing everyone who might potentially pose a theoretical threat.

More information on the Pittsburgh counter-revolution can be found here, but the lesson here is clear:  the less coverage dissent gets, the better it is.  Why crush protestors with brute force if you can make them quietly back down beforehand?

If someone wants to buy me a ticket to Pennsylvania, I’ll go chant and carry a sign or something.  I could use a vacation!