Good morning Egypt

Hello Egypt,

With a hundred ways for things to go wrong, we hope you find the path of greatest peace and freedom.  There are those of us who fear that which could go wrong – more than they fear the reality of oppression and political illusion.

Prove them wrong.  We’ll help any way we can…

Obama Declared Peace Guru

The message to the world is clear:  you too can be a champion of peace despite leading many wars on many fronts.  You don’t actually have to end any hostilities you’ve inherited, you just have to avoid creating any new ones!

The selection of Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize is probably just one of a few things:

  • China doesn’t want Hu Jia and Wei Jingsheng to get extra press
  • The committee is trying to shame Obama from starting the next war in Iran
  • A vast right-wing conspiracy to make Obama’s war leadership look pacifist
  • A vast left-wing conspiracy to make Obama’s war leadership look pacifist

Just remember the most important lesson here:  War is Peace.

War & Politics – Like a Bad Dream

Reading through the political news is something like reliving a bad dream. Crowned thugs demand loyalty and obedience.  Thieves lurk in every shadow and armored beasts spew dragon fire.  A flying monster drops bombs – death from an unseen above.

Except you don’t wake up.  The next day’s news shows you another scene with all the same players and brand new deaths.

The nightmare goes on and on, with never and end in sight.

Oh noes, we’re losing Afghanistan!

Today’s political meme: If we don’t do something to heat up our war effort, we’ll lose in Afghanistan!

A few significant attacks go off, and suddenly the spin-masters are trying to make it sound like our honor is at stake unless we authorize some huge, expensive counter-offensive that kills a whole bunch of bad guys. Of course, its inevitable and conveniently left out that any such attack would almost certainly include killing some not so bad guys. Ok, completely innocent people.

But forget that and focus on the real issue, America! You donn’t want to lose at something, do you?