Huge Budget Feeds War Machine

The President has unveiled his proposal for next year’s federal budget, and the results point to a further escalation in military actions and spending.  Despite campaign promises to reign in the military machine, the numbers presented will be a significant boost over last year’s already inflated numbers.

Now, Obama didn’t exactly run as a dove, but he was branding himself as the “least hawkish” of the hawks we could have otherwise chosen from.

Will America reward Obama for expanding our military actions and spending a billion on airport scanner machines that don’t actually detect the bombs they’re supposed to be protecting us from?

Bin Laden’s stated goal was to bankrupt the United States in an unwinnable war on Islamic soil.  So far, we seem to be playing right in to his plans.

Oh noes, we’re losing Afghanistan!

Today’s political meme: If we don’t do something to heat up our war effort, we’ll lose in Afghanistan!

A few significant attacks go off, and suddenly the spin-masters are trying to make it sound like our honor is at stake unless we authorize some huge, expensive counter-offensive that kills a whole bunch of bad guys. Of course, its inevitable and conveniently left out that any such attack would almost certainly include killing some not so bad guys. Ok, completely innocent people.

But forget that and focus on the real issue, America! You donn’t want to lose at something, do you?

Spy Satellite Crashing to Earth: But That Is All We Can Say

So apparently, not only has the military lost control of an incredibly expensive satellite that was paid for with my money, they also can’t say quite how toxic it is or where its going to land.

In the last few hours, they’ve admitted that its full of rocket-fuel (really, you think so?) and that they don’t want anyone to find it. They can’t say what else might be in it that’s toxic or explosive, and they can’t say whose village its going to flatten.

Chances are, they’ll try to blow it up. You know, use another expensive rocket that we paid for with our tax money to blow up the first expensive but broken rocket. Yeah. And there might be some debris. And maybe a toxic cloud raining on us.

We just can’t say.