What Crisis? Bankers Get Paid…

Whether its through stock support through dollar devaluation, or direct injections of public capital into private balance sheets, the top banks and banksters to get us in to this mess are also the ones making loot in America’s worst financial crisis in decades.

Granted, Goldman Sachs wasn’t left holding subprime paper when TSHTF.  They led the way in to that mess but quickly dropped the hot potato on to sucker banks and puppet corporations.  When the dust cleared and only Goldman looked good, the government tripped over itself to hand them cash directly and through AIG.  I’m sure this has nothing to do with the string of Goldman Executives to find themselves at the Treasury Department…


  • -200 Thursday,
  • -100 at Friday’s open,
  • Employment is down by a quarter million,
  • Dollar is down…

Are you enjoying your economic recovery yet?

I hope so, because another crash in housing is about to get started all over again:


Or are they planning another oh-so-successful bailout for every one of those coming spikes?

Newsflash: Economy Still Sucks

Just in case you were wondering, the economy still sucks.

Don’t be fooled by the stock market numbers – those guys are playing with a stacked deck.  Even if they lose a hand, they’ll get bailed out by the Fed and/or treasury.

For the rest of us, you know, the people who get paid by doing actual work, the economy pretty much sucks.

Unemployment is just under 10%, but it takes a whole lot of creative accounting to even make that happen.
My advice is to find or build a product you believe in.  Then sell it.  Make your own job.  Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to make one for you.

Protectionism Is Popular, but Stupid

A lot of unemployed Americans want to blame people in China for the fact that no one wants to hire them for $40,000 and full medical/dental/retirement.

What they’re not willing to do is go back to college to get an education that’s updated to the day’s most in-demand jobs & skills. What they are willing to do is start a global trade war because of the mistaken belief that cutting off a huge part of our economy will somehow make them richer.

In the meantime, everyone in a business that actually makes stuff people want around the world will suffer in order to protect some of our low-skilled labor.

In the long run, a breakdown of international trade can lead to increasing military hostilities. There was a whole decade of global economic depression and trade wars before WW2 broke out.

Bernanke Says Recession Over!

Meanwhile, there are still no jobs available and the value of your dollars have just begun a brand new fall off one of the steepest cliffs seen yet.

Indeed, the recession is over – and the depression is now starting to kick in!

Dollar keeps falling

Gold and oil show big gains today as the US dollar continues to fall.

While the devaluation will make existing debts theoretically easier to pay back, it also diminishes American’s wealth and drives up the cost of basic living expenses such as food and transportation.

The net effect for most Americans, despite the nominal gains in equity values, is a reduced standard of living.

Debt Is…

The past tense of debt is consumption

The present tense is maintenaince

And the future tense is austerity

Enjoy your stimulus! I hope you at least got a new car out of it…

Stock market down 180

September 2009 is off to a rocky start. While the month is typically a weak one for stock markets, this one comes amid serious concerns about consumer spending and significant slowdowns in almost all aspects of economic activity.

Grumblings from abroad suggest our easy dollar and state subsidy plan will not last forever, so what happens when assets begin to deflate again despite massive federal intervention?

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