US Army could Kill American Citizens Abroad

Word is leaking out that the military assassination of U.S. citizens could be an official policy of the Pentagon in its never-ending “War on Terror.”

This grisly turn of events was first authorized by former president Bush, but there is no evidence that Obama has taken a contrary stance or moved to change the army’s stance.

Of course war is hell, but American citizens usually believe that they’re protected by trial, or Congressional debate, or at least a chance to write a letter to their editor protesting their innocence.

No, in the New World Order, American citizens may be designated as due for execution without any due process or chance for appeal.  The executioner will not show up with a legal summons, but with a bullet or a bomb.

Quietly Invading Africa

America is quickly and quietly advancing the militarized front from the Middle East to Africa.

With the exception of Iran, the entire Middle East Region has pretty much become dominated by the massive US military presence.  I can’t say exactly what good it does us, but from a strategy perspective its hard to argue that any nation has as much power and influence in the area.

Since the Middle East imperial adventure was such a “success,” we’ve decided to direct our attentions to the west and south:  Particularly into the horn of Africa.

Keep an ear out for AFRICOM – its our latest overseas focus even if we aren’t talking about it too much.