Dollar has few friends

Good news in the stock market is typically bad news for the dollar – at least lately.  As long as the value of a dollar goes down in terms of actual stuff like food, education, and medicine, the nominal value of equities and other assets can rise.

So although you get less stuff for your paycheck, stocks continue to rise.

This, my fellow Americans, is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

If you own stocks of politically backed companies, you literally cannot lose.  If you do not own these stocks and are not receiving annual raises that match the growth of the money supply, you cannot win.  When politicians rush to “save the system,” they’re spending your money to make sure this master and servant economic relationship stays in tact.

Who says the poor instigate class warfare?  Mass revolutions are always a last resort – a reactionary event against increasingly cruel and greedy elites.

All experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…


  • -200 Thursday,
  • -100 at Friday’s open,
  • Employment is down by a quarter million,
  • Dollar is down…

Are you enjoying your economic recovery yet?

I hope so, because another crash in housing is about to get started all over again:


Or are they planning another oh-so-successful bailout for every one of those coming spikes?

Credit card vendors leaving college

An insane tradition of American debt-based consumerism is the marketing of credit cards on campus, to students.  Not only are the students likely to be buried by existing student loan debt, they’re also faced with an onslaught of offers for new credit.

And when you’re broke on campus, it can be hard to say no to another “eat now” and “pay later” type of arrangement.

But what happens when the jobs aren’t there for graduates like we’ve seen so recently?  Many students will be left with huge penalties and horrible credit records for life just because they graduated in the wrong year.

At the very least, efforts to lend to students will be declining across the board.  Instead, the government will take out debt on your behalf.  You’ll still get to pay it back, but they’ll decide how to spend the cash now.

Oh, but you’re hungry now?

Its something to think about while we congratulate the government for “liberating us from debt.”  They’ve done more than any single bank to ensure that we’re all on the hook.

Stock market down 180

September 2009 is off to a rocky start. While the month is typically a weak one for stock markets, this one comes amid serious concerns about consumer spending and significant slowdowns in almost all aspects of economic activity.

Grumblings from abroad suggest our easy dollar and state subsidy plan will not last forever, so what happens when assets begin to deflate again despite massive federal intervention?

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