Newsflash: Economy Still Sucks

Just in case you were wondering, the economy still sucks.

Don’t be fooled by the stock market numbers – those guys are playing with a stacked deck.  Even if they lose a hand, they’ll get bailed out by the Fed and/or treasury.

For the rest of us, you know, the people who get paid by doing actual work, the economy pretty much sucks.

Unemployment is just under 10%, but it takes a whole lot of creative accounting to even make that happen.
My advice is to find or build a product you believe in.  Then sell it.  Make your own job.  Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to make one for you.

Bernanke Says Recession Over!

Meanwhile, there are still no jobs available and the value of your dollars have just begun a brand new fall off one of the steepest cliffs seen yet.

Indeed, the recession is over – and the depression is now starting to kick in!