Purely Independent

What does independent mean to me? Well, its a little bit more than knocking at the flaws in each political party, its also about steering clear of financial conflicts of interest with any major media, publishing, party, or government organization.

Full disclosure: I have nothing to gain or lose (except a better country) if any politician, corporation, or non-profit organization benefits from or is harmed by any information I share with the internet.

Warning: You may find your core beliefs being challenged and you may be exposed to the negative consequences of idealistic political meddling. Heros may appear less courageous and villains may be scrutinized for redeeming value.

Disclaimer: Website owner and author is not responsible for any loss of sanity or social standing generated by the knowledge of corruption politics. Please feel free to quote (short or long) any material here – I just have to insist that you link back to the page you found it on.

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