Huckabee Defends Immigration Record – By Denying It

While campaigning in South Carolina, Huckabee has found a novel approach to defending his record of open-borders and encouraging immigration.  He’s denying it.  He says his record has been “misrepresented” so he’s trying to remove any doubt that he doesn’t support amnesty because he signed a “No amnesty” plan.

The video of Huckabee’s press conference and signing event is available at the FoxNews blogs.  It seems he’s trying to draw the fine line of being in favor of legal immigration while being hard on illegal immigration.  Will these subtle distinctions win over the nativist vote?

No other candidates have so far signed the pledge, so does that mean Huckabee is the border enforcer?

Are pledges more important than a candidates’ record?  After watching Hillary’s campaign, I know politicians have no shortage of promises and pledges…but are they worth anything?

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