The same old justifications of tyranny

Justifying violence, for fear of chaos

If the serfs can leave their land, it will be chaos for England!

If education spreads to the masses it will be the ruin of civilization!

If commoners were allowed to have a society where all are free and none are coerced, America would soon look like a zombie movie!

We progress toward anarchy. We evolve. The desire to follow fades and the desire to lead replaces it. We’ve killed all the kings or turned them in to tokens – we seem to have progressed for it. Why should we now crown the captains of industry and the engineers of political machines with the same powers our ancestors found to be oppressive? But don’t look back too long, look forward…

The debate is practically useless. Soon enough, we’ll be fragmented across the solar system. Smashed up into tribes all over again. Centralization and control are both already dead, even if the mainstream hasn’t caught up yet.

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