Everyone is Talking about the Weather…

Ahead of the climate summit in Copenhagen, the internet has been abuzz with accusations derived from the leaked emails from global warming research centers.  Some of the world’s richest and most powerful are now gathering in Europe to discuss new enforcement powers for the United Nations when it comes to regulating the economic activities and legal rules for member nations.

Under the faith of science, the relatively young relic of nationalism and sovereignty is fading quickly in the face of a new world order, a bureaucratic, technocratic monolith glued together by a faith in and fear of a human triggered environmental apocalypse.

Voices of protest are lost among the crashing waves, the river of fate thundering down the valley of the old ways.  As the institutions have been fortified for so long, they will hardly need to ask our consent before giving up our future claims of self-determination.

Blizzard clouds gather on the horizon as civilization enters its own winter – the crisis is upon our door and we have hardly defined what threats are bearing down on us, and we’ve scarcely had time to consider remedies.  We may deny the sources of danger that are growing, but it cannot be doubted that we have entered into a cold and dark time.

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