Ready for the World Bank to Regulate your Business and Travel?

Word is leaking from Copenhagen that the whole conference is really just an attempt to give extraordinary new powers to the World Bank and private banking cartels. You’ll have to view the whole document here, because WordPress doesn’t seem to want to allow me to embed it on this site.

Not only would the agreement codify and institutionalize the wealth gap between rich and poor nations, it would also help to serve the interests of the ultra-rich within those rich countries, by giving them more direct control over how ‘permission’ for economic activity is obtained.  Those with little direct activity in the burning of fuel will now be in charge of rationing those carbon credits – and we can probably expect a whole lot of complex derivative deals that allow speculators to pull profit on the very foundation of our economies – energy itself.

Call us denialists or skeptics or whatever.  There are plenty of serious environmental problems to be dealt with in this world, and our fearless leaders are fixing exactly zero of them.  To them, the only dilemma that remains is how to go about retaining and magnifying one’s own power.

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