Healthcare proposal has few fans left

After months of compromising a bad bill with corporate interests, the surviving legislation has few friends outside Capitol Hill. Progressives are now lining up in opposition to what has become a blatant big-business giveaway, and I applaud those who would rather do it right than rush to simply get something done.

Although a majority of polled voters prefer a public plan to help keep competitive pressure up and prices down, the Democrats can’t seem to get 60 votes for it in the Senate. Out of fear of a filibuster, they won’t even put such a bill up for the voting process.

Or at least, this is what they claim as an excuse for providing their big insurance donors with millions of new customers with little or no choice in the matter.

Not only will the new customers be guaranteed and enforced by the IRS – but so will the profitability. This is because the current legislation would continue to allow the insurers to spend as much as 25% of their revenue on non-health related expenses, including administration, marketing, and shareholder profits.

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